Referrals – New Marketplace Feature

This feature lets your users invite friends to join as freelancers on your marketplace.  When a user clicks the new ‘sharing’ menu, it opens a new email in their email client, so that they can send an email invitation to a friend/colleague, inviting them to join as a freelancer on your marketplace.  The email contains a pre-built subject, content, and the link automatically takes them to your freelancer register page.  If you have the ‘ReferralCode’ feature enabled, it will also pre-populate that with the inviter’s email address, so that you as admin can see who has invited that freelancer.

You can customise the content with these variables in your content file:

“app.components.HeaderPrivate.mailToBody”: “Hi there,\n\nI joined a new marketplace recently, and wanted to invite you to check it out.\n\nIt’s a platform that lets you find jobs and earn money.\n\nYou can review it here:\n\n”,
“app.components.HeaderPrivate.mailToSubject”: “Your invitation to join a marketplace”,
“app.components.HeaderPrivate.shared”: “Invite a Friend”,