Why Freelancers Don’t Get Hired

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Here’s a Help Article for your freelancers to learn how they can get more contracts.

Some freelancers apply to jobs but don’t actually get hired by the company.  This is obviously pretty annoying.  So here’s a few tips to getting hired:

1.  Act Fast

Apply to jobs immediately after they’re posted.  Within 5 mins is best.  Within 1 hour is OK.  Within 1 day at the latest.  After that, they’ll find someone else.

2.  Sell Yourself
Double-check your profile.  When the company looks at it, will they be inspired to start a conversation with you?  The best way to do this is to provide a good number of portfolio items, with a decent image, and a nice description of your work.

3.  Pitch Properly

Take a few minutes to write a solid proposal.  Refer to relevant projects that you’ve completed, express enthusiasm about their job, ask relevant questions, and give some idea about estimate costs.

If you’ve done all of that, and you’re still not getting responses, give us a shout and I’ll see what’s going on!

Good luck!

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