Supercharge your agency of lawyers , designers , builders , engineers , writers , translators , consultants , accountants , marketers , architects , contractors

Boost your Business

Easier Management

Automate all your manual tasks, to make life easier and reduce bottlenecks.

Faster Delivery

Complete client tasks faster by using tech to streamline all operations.

Scalable Growth

Grow your contractor pool, and take on more clients, without any admin hassle.

By Automating Contractors

Auto Matching

Automatically assign the best contractor to each client job that gets posted.

Auto Manage

Communicate and manage the contractor online to complete the task.

Auto Payments

Take client payments online, and pay your contractors instantly.

Case Study: PowerPublish

PowerPublish uses TalentPools to:

1) provide a fully self-serve solution matching clients with writers, and

2) streamline the management of their writers for their internal jobs


200+ Additional Automations

Automate every element of your contractor workflow with our every growing features.

Business Models

Earn money via commissions on all transactions, or charge subscriptions to various user types.

Admin Dashboard

Enable 70+ different features, approve/delete users, track jobs and other marketplace data.

Matching Algorithm

Build your perfect weighted combination to match customers with freelancers.

Powerful Payments

Automate payments in 40 countries and manually elsewhere, including hold funds ‘Escrow’-style.


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