Stripe KYC Requirements

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KYC requirements are set by the ‘Account Capabilities‘ we request when we create the Custom Connected Account. By default, your TalentPools platform will request only the ‘card_payments’ and ‘transfers’ capabilities. If you need additional capabilities, please contact our support so we can set this up for you. For example, if you need to generate 1099 forms for your users, you may need the ‘1099_k’ or ‘1099_misc’ capabilities. It is your responsibility to determine which 1099 form you are required to provide your users, and therefore which Stripe capabilities you need to require for them.

Capabilities can be added or removed at anytime. Adding new capabilities will immediately set those users as deactivated, and prompt them to complete their Stripe Onboarding. When that’s done, they’ll be able to continue as usual.

As regulations update around the world, Stripe also updates its KYC requirements for workers to receive funds. To help your talent pool navigate this process, we display notification bars to them.

A red notification bar is displayed if the freelancer is currently missing required information, and is currently blocked from receiving funds:

An orange notification bar is displayed if Stripe is requesting new information and the freelancer WILL SOON be blocked from receiving funds if that new information is not provided:

The default text for the notification bars directs freelancers to visit their settings page, and update their Stripe account. However, you can change the text to whatever you like via your content file.

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