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This guide describes how an admin can enable only the ‘products’ user flow on their platform, and restrict the end users from being able to create milestones and process payments using the default work flow on talent marketplaces powered by our whitelabel solution.

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In your admin dash under ‘Settings’ is the option to ‘Hide Milestone Functionality? (Optional)’ . When the ‘Hide Milestone Functionality?’ and its subfeature are both enabled, they cover the utility provided by the ‘Hide Milestone Functionality on manage contract page?’, so the second feature need not be used.

This will restrict the buyers and sellers from creating milestones within their contracts, which in turn will restrict the users from processing payments for completed work on the platform. This feature restricts milestones from being created when either the freelancers or customers are set as ‘milestone creator’, and further stops milestones from being created during both the proposal stage and the manage contract stage.

This feature allows recruitment agencies that are using their platform for internal matching purposes to restrict users from further interacting with each other on the platform once the candidate has been selected.

Moreover, this feature allows products to be booked and paid as usual, so there is no restriction to the product flow. The implication of this is that the default user flow (customer posts job and selects candidate to transact with them on site) can be restricted, while the reverse user flow (freelancer creates off the shelf ‘products’ that be booked) operates normally.

The subfeature, when disabled hides the ‘Manage ‘ button on the /customer/jobs page. This means that once a candidate is selected or a product is booked the customer will not be able to access the ‘manage job’ page. For products, the client will be unable to review product status or process payment (unless done upon product booking), and for standard jobs the client will be unable to ‘End Job’ in order to leave a review for that particular worker.

From the Jobs page the customer will be able to close the job if they want, however if a job is closed instead of ended the customer will not be prompted to leave a review for that worker.

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