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Your marketplace application provides all the functionality your users need to manage jobs. But for your marketing efforts – to attract buyers and sellers – we provide a separate marketing website.

Here’s an example of how your websites will work together. Lets say your domain is In this case:

  • Your marketing website will be at
  • Your marketplace will be at
  • Your administrator dashboard will be at

You can see a similar split in our live demo:

For your marketing website, you can choose to use 1) your own website, 2) our template website, or 3) a bespoke website we build for you.

Your Own Website

If you already have your own marketing website, you can simply use that. If you want to build your website of WordPress, we can provide you free hosting for this.

Our Template

We offer a template website that you can use for free. You will be in full control of this and can change any of the content or design. We can also support you to make basic edits as needed.

Here’s a couple of video guides on how to use your template website:

Edit You Website

Edit your Website Widgets

Bespoke Website

If you want us to provide you with a bespoke website, you have 2 options: a custom template or a unique design.

For a custom template, you can choose any WordPress template and we’ll install and customise it for you, to produce a unique website that is still affordable. Contact us for our prices for this service.

For a completely unique design, one of our designers can work with you to produce your required design, and one of our developers will build this unique website. Again, contact us for pricing here.

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