Footer Social Icon Styling

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This guide explains how to change the appearance of the social media icons in the footer of your freelancer marketplace.

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Step by Step Guide

The social media icons in the footer of your freelancer marketplace by default have a plain white appearance (this can be changed in the ‘Styling’ menu of your admin dashboard).

To create a better user experience, these have been redesigned to be more spread out and change colour when the mouse is hovering over them.

To have the redesigned social icon images, navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu item of the admin dashboard and select this feature.

You can change the colors of your social icons by going to the styling page of the admin dash, selecting ‘Colors’ and changing the colors for ‘footerSocialIcon’ and footerActiveSocialIcon. To change the links of the social icons, go to ‘Social Links’ under the ‘Styling’ menu item, and change the value for each social platform. The placeholder will tell you which social platform you should input the link to. If you do not input a link that icon will not appear in the footer. Don’t forget to scroll down and Save!

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