Why Users Should Use your Marketplace

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Here’s a Help Article for you to explain to your users the benefits of using your marketplace.

Once you’ve decided to hire one of our freelancers, it’s essential to hire them via our platform.

It’s pretty easy – just click ‘this Accept Contract’ button:

Here’s why it’s so important to run the contract via our marketplace:

1. It’s safer
Hiring freelancers is risky if you don’t have a contract in place, and if you don’t use an Escrow account.  Our marketplace solves this problem by automatically creating a legal contract between you and the freelancer.  All payments on our platform are also protected via Escrow, so you can be sure that the freelancer will only be paid once they complete your job.

2. It’s faster and easier
Managing a freelance contract involves agreeing terms, writing a legal contract, getting the contract signed by both parties, sending and receiving invoices, organising payments, managing the contract tasks, approving those tasks, completing the contract, and many other elements.  We take the hassle out of this, so you don’t have to worry about it.

3. So you can keep using our marketplace
We cover our costs by taking a fee from each project.  If contracts are not paid directly on the our platform, we may not earn enough to continue providing these services.  For that reason, if any user breaks our Terms & Conditions by hiring one of our freelancers outside of the platform, they will be banned from further use.

In brief, pay your freelancer via our platform to enjoy a safe, hassle-free contract.

Good luck 🙂

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