Request Employer Feedback when Closing Jobs

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This guide describes a new feature that asks the employers a yes/no question when they are closing a job, so that the admin can track the data and possible reasons why employers are closing jobs before hiring a candidate.

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Step by Step Guide

On your admin dashboard under the ‘Settings’ tab is the option to ‘Ask customer a yes/no question for feedback when they close a job? (Optional)‘.

By default when an employer closes a job, they are prompted via a pop-up to verify that they want to close the job. Enabling this feature will create a second pop-up, as shown in the image below, the terminology of which can be edited via the content file. The default text displays: Did you find someone for this job on this website? Yes/No. The responses are held and can be downloaded via the admin dashboard to aggregate the data, to know what percentage of the users managed to source a candidate from the platform.

The requested feedback could be for other aspects of the marketplace experience, by changing the question to, for example, ‘Would you recommend our site to others?’, ‘Will you try to source your next hire from our platform?’ etc.

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