Introduction to Features

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Welcome to the feature section of TalentPools!

We are continually building new features that add value to the platform. In this section of our online Documentation, you can review the benefits of each feature, and learn how to install and use it effectively.

A few notes on the limitations of features. Features are built for a specific use case, and have often been built for a specific client marketplace. In this way, not all features are suitable for all marketplaces. Features may also be dependent on other features or on some input from our team before they function properly. Mis-use of features, or turning on incompatible features can break the user experience.

To ensure continued quality user experience, you should check first before you enable or modify any feature. Here are the best ways to check:

  1. Read the Documentation about that feature
  2. Ask our support team
  3. Purchase a separate ‘Sandbox’ marketplace to test the feature before launching it on your production marketplace.

Any questions – just let us know!

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