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This guide explains what to expect from a free trial of our talent marketplace software solution.

Launch your talent platform in a day, test out the technology and decide if we’re a good fit for your use-case.

Video Guide

Please note the additional limitations listed below.

Step by Step Guide

To begin your trial we will ask you to fill out this form, which shouldn’t take more than two minutes. This will provide us with the information we need to set you up, and we will most likely upload your logo, favicon and change the marketplace appearance to match your branding before you log in for the first time.

You will soon receive an email with the link to your marketplace website and administrator dashboard, with your login details and password.

You will have full functionality of your marketplace, and can begin enrolling new users- both freelancers and customers. Freelancers can register at [www.yourMarketplaceLink.co]/login, while customers can register at [www.yourMarketplaceLink.co]/customer-register.

We advise you to navigate to the admin dashboard and view all the features that are available. Enable or disable features that meet the needs of your marketplace. Generate custom data, skills, categories and services for your users to choose from. Create freelancer and customer profiles to understand the user journey that your clients will have to be able to support them.

Until you join a regular plan you cannot:
=> Go live on your own domain
=> Customise the automated email content (it will still come from TalentPools)
=> Process live payments
=> Post and fill real jobs
=> Get customised development

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