Split the Scoring Weighting: Change logic from OR to AND

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This guide explains how to change the criteria weighting when searching for top talent within a job posting. Previously the logic type was ‘or’, meaning that if any of the criteria were met the matching score would be 100%. This feature allows the logic to be changed to ‘and’ which means that each criteria must be met to achieve a matching score of 100%.

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Step by Step Guide

In your admin dashboard under the ‘Data Types’ menu item are listed all of the custom data that the admin has generated. Within each data type there is now the option to ‘Split Weighting?’

Within a posted job customers can search for freelancers that they want to invite to view the job they posted. A feature was recently launched that allows the customer to search for the talent they want using matching criteria. In the image below the customer has set the weighting to come 100% from the language criteria (more criteria could be added by clicking the ‘+’ button). Both English and French have been inputted as criteria, however the top result -J. Freeman with 100% matching- only speaks English and not French. This is because of the ‘or’ logic used to assess the matching criteria. One of the criteria was met, thus the match is 100%.

By selecting the ‘Split Weighting’ option in the custom data, the logic will be changed from ‘or’ to ‘and’. In this way the same search will generate different results and will rearrange the order in which freelancers are listed. In the new search J. Freeman has now scored a 50% match, reflecting her knowledge of 50% of the languages specified- English and not French.

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