BACS Direct Debit

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This guide explains how to set up direct debit payments for UK clients.

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Step by Step Guide

In your admin dashboard under the ‘Settings’ menu item is the option to ‘Enable Direct Debit payments from UK customers to UK freelancers?’

When this feature is enabled, each client can navigate to their profile and scroll down until they reach the ‘Payment Methods’ Section. After clicking the ‘+’ button a pop-up window will appear where the client can choose between Direct Debit or Card payments as shown in the image below

Selecting the BACS Debit will take you to the stripe checkout page, where the client can enter their bank details. For test trials the generic sort code and account number can be used that appear in the input fields.

Once the required data has been submitted a pop-up window will appear notifying the customer when the Direct Debit will be verified.

Unlike credit cards that are verified instantly, direct debits can require several days before they are activated. Payments by direct debit also take several days to process, so once a milestone has been approved it can take a few days during which the payment status will be ‘Pending’ prior to the freelancer receiving the funds.

The customer will not be able to accept job proposals to make a contract live until their payment method has been verified. If the customer cannot wait for that time period, a card can be registered on the site as it will be verified instantly. This will allow the customer to accept a contract, and they can change the default payment method to the direct debit once it has been approved by the bank.

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