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TalentPools is compliant with European data protection laws, including GDPR.

As the marketplace owner, you own the data and we just process it for you. In GDPR terms, your Users are the Data Subjects, you are the Data Controller and we are the Data Processor.

The data is processed to the extent necessary to provide our marketplace service. We ensure that procedures and features are in place for you to enable your Data Subjects (your Users) to exercise their data rights. For example, you can use our Admin Dashboard to delete their Personal Data, on request.

We offer a Data Protection Agreement to you as a marketplace owner, and we have signed Data Protection Agreements with all our sub-contractors, to ensure your User data is protected at every level.

Various technical security measures are in place to protect User data including:

• Access Control: Only authorised administrators, users and applications have access to data and services. Multi-Factor Authorisation is required for administrators.

• Monitoring: All events is logged and pro-actively monitored.

• Encryption: All requests must be made via HTTPS and all data is encrypted at rest.

• Best-of-Kind Data Services: AWS S3, AWS Cognito and AWS DynamboDB.

Sometimes you may have additional support requirements, and we will be happy to provide these at your request:

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