Billed monthly.  Cancel any month.  All plans come with:

Need help with pricing?



Our team can help you kickstart your project by using our people to supplement your internal resources for marketing, user engagement and onboarding.  2 hours a day for your first 3 months (not ongoing).



Use Intercom to register, onboard and support more users with live chat, help guides, popups, info boxes and emails.

Startups <2 years: $65/m
2 seats, 1k engaged: ~$75/m
3 seats, 3k engaged: ~$200/m
5 seats, 5k engaged: ~$300/m
Full pricing info here.


If you need additional customisation, new integrations, or additional functionality, we can build it for you.  We’ll scope the specs with you and provide an estimate.  The work is then billed hourly at our fixed rate.

$100 /hour.


As you edit your platform, testing new features and configurations, it’s very useful to be able to test without affecting your real users.  This sandbox allows you to do just that.  Read more here.

$500 / month
(included in Grow & Scale plans)


Webhooks allow you to operate at scale without hiring more people. For example, any time a job is posted, automatically post it on your social media.  This Add-on includes support to create and manage your webhooks. Read more here.

$500 / month
(included in Grow and Scale plans)

Super Reports

Tracking your platform metrics is essential for growth.  Super reports allow you to easily visualize your data.  This Add-on includes a Pro Databox subscription and support to create and manage your Graphic Reports.  Read more here.

$500 / month
(included in Grow and Scale plans)

Why charge a transaction fee?

We charge a 1% fee on your transactions to cover your costs as you grow.

No – we only start charging the fee once you reach $10,000 in revenue  per month.

It’s 1% of the total contract value you operate via the platform.

Let’s say that one month your clients pay a total of $100k to your contractors, or source a candidate for a $100k salary.  We would charge you 1% of that $100k and invoice you $1k.

As you grow, our costs to service your platform also grow.  This includes data storage, transactional email, video chat and a number of other services.  You will also need more support from our team.

Some companies have pricing tiers based on number of users and others charge a fee per candidate placement.  We believe the fairest option is to charge you when you can afford it, so our fee rises according to your revenue success.

Finally, by linking your success to our fees, we are highly incentivised to support your growth however we can.

Yes, on our ‘Scale’ Plan.  Please contact us for further information.

Very unlikely.

When you start generating revenues of $100k+, you’ll need a solid system that can scale – a $50 WordPress template is going to start struggling at this point.  So you’ll either need to use a professional service like ours, or build your own application.

You would need to reach at least $30m sales per year before it becomes more cost effective to build your own platform and hire a tech team.  Even then, the cost and hassle is most likely prohibitive.


Get in touch to discuss your requirements and explore whether we’re a good fit.