Make Talent Visible Prior to Stripe Onboarding

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This guide describes a new feature that will make more of the talent onboarded on your platform visible, even though they will need to finish their Stripe onboarding before they can submit bids on available projects.

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Step by Step Guide

On your admin dashboard under the ‘Settings’ tab is the option to ‘SearchFlEs? (Optional)‘.

Enabling this subfeature will likely increase the number of freelancers publicly visible on the /customer/cl-search page.

By default, only activated workers that have completed Stripe’s KYC requirements will be publicly visible, as they are the only ones that can receive funds, and thus compete for work on the platform. When freelancers are publicly visible a customer can post a private job for them, invite freelancers to their position, or message freelancers in relation to a vacancy.

This feature will make the freelancers’ profile visible to customers before they have completed Stripe’s KYC requirements. The benefit of this, is that previously invisible freelancers can be interacted with, which will likely increase the number of freelancers that proceed with completing Stripe’s KYC requirements.

Note that even though the freelancers’ profile will appear on the /customer/cl-search page, they will not be able to apply for work until they have completed their stripe onboarding and can receive payment for the work they complete.

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