Calendly Integration

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This guide explains how freelancers can integrate their Calendly account to their talent platform profile for customers to schedule meetings.

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Step by Step Guide

In your admin dashboard under the ‘Settings’ menu item is the option to ‘Allow freelancers to integrate with their Calendly account, so customers can schedule meetings with them?’

When this feature is enabled a block appears on the freelancer’s settings page, where they can input their Calendly link.

The Calendly link is found on their Calendly account, under their profile name. If they prefer, they can create a specific event type for the platform and share that link for customers to schedule meetings in that event.

Customers will now have the ability to contact freelancers they are contracting with, or are about to contract with by going to the Jobs> All Jobs> Manage Jobs page. The freelancer will have a ‘Schedule’ button that leads to a pop-up window where the customer can book a slot.

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