Launch your talent pool

Manage and display talent under your own brand.  Handle matching, shortlisting, contracts and payments.  Learn why recruiters, staffing firms and enterprises trust our tech.

G2 Rating Talent Pools

Your own Talent Pool lets you…

Own your Talent

Own and customise your own talent pool, instead of being charged and limited by other platforms.

Launch Today

Start immediately instead of waiting a year and spending $250k+ to build your own tech.

Streamline Operations

By replacing all manual tasks with automated processes, to reduce admin bottlenecks.

Scale Growth

Increase revenues by letting tech improve the speed and quality of your talent services.

Trusted By

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Russam Talent Platform
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PowerPublish Staffing Platform
HumanCloud Sourcing Platform

Use Cases

Every business using contractors should have their own online Talent Pool.


Offer a low-touch service to your clients. After posting their job, the client is matched with your best-suited talent, and can hire, manage and pay them via your platform, earning your standard mark-up. You can choose provide support, but don't need to.

Recruiting Firm

Turn every CV into a live candidate profile to offer an on-demand service to your clients. Let them post jobs and match with the best-suited candidates. Enable them to be hired and paid within the platform, or pull them into your existing Payroll systems.

Freelance Marketplace

Launch an end-to-end freelancer marketplace - your own branded UpWork-style platform. Companies can match with the best talent, hire them, manage their project, and pay them, all through the platform. You can charge commissions and/or subscriptions.

In-House Talent Management

Fill internal contractor roles faster by streamlining the hiring process of all your talent vendors. Reduce costs as processes are automated. Gain greater visibility of available talent across all vendors. Make better use of recent employees by supporting them to work as contractors.

Staffing Firm

Bring all your staffing processes online and automate every step to reduce admin delays and costs, and allow scalable growth. Streamline your candidate onboarding, candidate matching, client billing, project management, candidate payments and more. Take your standard mark-up.

Drop Servicing

Create your own pool of service providers across 50+ countries, ready to deliver client services. Automate client payments and provider payouts, and take your normal mark-up. Launch in one day on a globally scalable platform.

Packed with Features

Automate every element of your contractor workflow with our 150+ features.

Business Models

Earn money via commissions on all transactions, or charge subscriptions to various user types.

Admin Dashboard

Enable 70+ different features, approve/delete users, track jobs and other marketplace data.

Matching Algorithm

Build your perfect weighted combination to match customers with freelancers.

Powerful Payments

Automate payments in 40 countries and manually elsewhere, including hold funds ‘Escrow’-style.


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