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We often get asked by entrepreneurs whether we can provide a discounted rate. 

We don’t offer this kind of discount yet, and it may be helpful to share our thoughts on our approach here.

We get it

When you’re trying to launch a business, it makes sense to keep costs as low as possible until you begin generating revenues.

We totally understand this reality.  Prior to launching TalentPools, we built our own marketplace to match student talent with businesses across London.  We didn’t have a tool like TalentPools, so we had to spend $150k+ and over a year building our own technology.

That’s why we created TalentPools – to reduce the cost and time required to launch an online talent platform.

Fair pricing

TalentPools allows you to launch your entire talent platform in one day, saving you at least $100k+ and 6 months of your time.

The tech is fully scalable globally, with enterprise-ready security and data protection, and we’re adding new features every week. It’s used by some of the biggest names in the talent space, and by the largest companies in the world. Our product has been covered by Forbes, TechCrunch and other media outlets. Platforms we power have been able to register 10,000+ users in their first month of launching, and handle multi-million dollar contract values.

We believe our pricing fairly represents the value of the product.

It’s also based on what we need to provide a solid service.  Would you want a discount knowing that it could result in system downtime or unresponsive support?  We commit to spending our funds in maintaining and improving your platform, and in paying the salaries of the staff needed to give you the support you need when you need it.  Our pricing allows us to do this effectively.  

A startup plan?

There is probably a segment of clients who would be interested in a more affordable product with fewer features and less support.  We’re working on that option, but it’s not available just yet.  Our current service offers a completely configurable platform with unlimited support, so our pricing reflects this.

Partnering with you

We believe in building long term relationships where we are motivated to support our clients to grow.  Our 1% transactional fee incentivises us to provide you with a great service, and increase your chances of success, so that as you grow, we can grow alongside you.

However, the success of your business is largely out of our hands, so we also charge a base rate irrespective of the how well the project does.

We’re not investors

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’d love to help lots of other entrepreneurs get started by providing our service for free or at a discounted rate.  But we’re still a small software company ourselves, not an investment accelerator or big SaaS firm with the capital and business model to underwrite risk for future gain.  That’s the case whether an entrepreneur is offering a stake in their project or a higher fee when the project begins generating cash.  Right now, we don’t have a business model that includes taking on this level of risk.

We’re able to reduce your risk from an $100k+ upfront cost and 6 months of your time (to build your own app), down to ~$1k/month and launching in 1 day.  But the rest is up to you 😊.

Checking budgets

Some entrepreneurs have requested a short term discount, to return to our standard pricing a few month later when some revenues arrive.  In our experience, if their budget is deeply impacted by that saving, we would have doubts about whether there’s sufficient budget to get the project off the ground within a reasonable time to begin paying our standard rate.

Maybe later

For some entrepreneurs, it’s a little early to invest in our kind of technology.  In this case, it can be useful to start with a simple marketing site and pull together some no-code tools to get your MVP off the ground.  Then when the concept is proven and you’re ready to launch a fully scalable system, our offering may be more suitable.

Final thoughts

We hope this helps explain our thinking on pricing.

We’re super excited to work with any project pushing forward the talent revolution, and we’re delighted to be powering platforms for all types of organisations – entrepreneurs, businesses, government departments and multi-national enterprises.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions!

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