Steps to Launch

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To launch your TalentPools marketplace, you’ll need to complete the following:


Provide your logo, favicon, and primary brand colours.

Marketing Website

Build your preferred marketing website, which is completely separate from your TalentPools marketplace. Here are your options:

1) Use your own external website.
2) Use our free WordPress website with a template you can add your content to.
3) You could start with our free WordPress website and install / customised a new theme design.

Here’s some more info to help you decide.


Decide which service categories you are going to launch your marketplace with. Find out more here.

Data Types

The most powerful matching tool our software provides is handled via custom data lists that you create. You can choose whether your users can select a single item from a list, multiple items, input text, or upload a file. You can further choose whether these items are required to post a job or for freelancer activation and which pages they should appear on (freelancer profile, post-job page, registration page). More information on creating data types here.

Marketplace Settings

There are hundreds of features available for you to enable on your platform to configure user flows, marketplace design, user activation requirements and much more. In the ‘Settings’ page of your admin dash are links to guides for each item explaining its use. You can contact the team to cover these items over a call. Here’s a brief introduction to the available marketplace settings.

Payments & Commission

Choose whether you would like to:

1) Have all payments processed manually off the platform
2) Process payments through the platform via Stripe. Here’s a guide to setting up your Stripe account.

You’ll also need to decide what commission, if any, you want to charge your freelancers.

Terms & Conditions

You need a set of terms and conditions to provide your users with the rules of using your marketplace. You cannot launch your marketplace without this. We don’t provide legal services, but we have had a bespoke Terms & Conditions templated created by a registered solicitor in England. This template is suitable for a service marketplace based in England, using the TalentPools technology. You should use the template as a starting point, and consult a lawyer to check whether it suits your particular marketplace, particularly if you are based outside of the UK. If your lawyer needs support in understanding how the technology works, we’ll be happy to share more information. The template costs $350 and should help you save some money, instead of paying $1,000+ to have a new document created.


1. Application Content. All the words and phrases used in the application are handled via your content file. You will want to customise these phrases to suit your application. Here’s how you edit your content file.

2. Email Content. There are around 100 automated emails that are sent to your users, triggered by various actions, for example the email welcoming them after they sign up. You can edit them via your PostMark account, that we provide you with this guidance and conditions.


Let us now which domain name you will be using. Also, confirm that you are happy for your admin dashboard to be based at and your actual marketplace at, with your marketing website at Find out more here.

When you’re ready to go live, provide us with access to your DNS and we’ll create the necessary records to set the marketplace live and authenticate our transactional email provider.

For your user emails to come from your domain, you’ll need to set up an email address to send all marketplace emails from. We suggest

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