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Here’s a Help Article for you to give some FAQs to your freelancers.

What kinds of jobs are available?

Mostly jobs for digital skills – design, development, marketing, creative.  If you have other skills, please complete this form, and we’ll create a new category when enough freelancers share your skills! 

How skilled do I have to be, to get a job?

Different jobs will require different levels of skills.  Many companies are happy to hire freelancers who are just getting started.  Focus on presenting yourself as honestly as possible – showcase your skills by adding portfolio items that describe the work you’ve accomplished, and let them speak for themselves.

What if I don’t have any experience?

You need at least 3 examples of work you’ve done to prove your skillset.  But these examples don’t have to be paid projects – you could use voluntary work for charities, or passion projects you did for fun, or even sample projects completed as part of your studies.

How many portfolio items do I need?

You need at least 3 portfolio items to active each skill.  If you’re not activated, you’ll be hidden from customers, and you won’t get email notifications of relevant jobs posted.  To activate yourself on each skill, you’ll need at least 3 portfolio items.  For example, to active graphic design, you’ll need to add 3 or more portfolio items showing your graphic design skills.  If you also want to be activated for web development, you’ll need another 3 portfolio items showing your web development skills.

Can I upload my CV?

No.  Experience shows that a visual profile is more effective at showcasing your skills to potential customers – so try and build an awesome profile with as many examples as possible!

Will employers contact me?

Yes, for every skill you’ve activated (see above for more info on this), you’ll get an email notification every time a relevant job is posted.  Companies may also invite you directly to look at their job post and apply.

Do you send me jobs?

Yes, please see above 🙂

Can I search for jobs?

Yes, click on the ‘Search Jobs’ button to find jobs relevant to your skills:

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