TalentPools Demo

TalentPools Platform Video Demo

Until the next demo is lined up, here’s a quick demo of our own platform.  Our story is that many other entrepreneurs have been asking us to build a clone of our platform in order to save them a ton of time and money so they don’t have to build it themselves.  So instead of cloning the platform, we decided to build a hosted marketplace version, that specialises in demand-driven contractor marketplaces (think Upwork, not Fiverr).

The platform is almost entirely built on AWS services, on a serverless stack, so it’s ready to scale to any number of users without any blockages.  It also comes with these features out of the box:

=> All the normal stuff: Profiles, Searching, Job Posts, Contracts, Messaging, Reviews etc

=> Escrow, via MangoPay (including KYC)

=> Milestone-based and period-based contracts

=> Pay-in by card, pay-out to bank accounts

We’re helping founders kickstart their platform without the tech hassle.

In my view, here’s where TalentPools stands out:

=> A hosted demand-driven (Upwork-style) contractor platform

=> Build for scale (unlimited users etc)

=> Competitive price point, similar to ShareTribe Flex


To learn more about TalentPools, head over to our home page, or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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