Product Demo.

Here’s a walkthrough of an agency we built on TalentPools.

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User Journeys.

Here are the basic user flows for your talent and clients.

For talent

Freelancer Register
Contractors register, create their account and then confirm their email address.

Contractors create their profiles, with their photo, service description, portfolio items, work experience and previous reviews.

Freelancer JobsContractors get an email notification whenever a relevant job is posted.  They can also search for jobs manually.

Freelance Application
Contractors apply to jobs by choosing a  contract type (regular or one-off), adding a description, then listing all the individual milestones & values.

Manage Contract
Contractors manage their contract via the milestone system: 1) Pending Payment, 2) Paid, 3) Completed, 4) Signed-Off.

Withdrawing Funds
Once customers have signed-off on milestones, Contractors can immediately withdraw funds, which will arrive in their bank account within 24 hours.

For clients

Post JobCustomers can view freelancer profiles and post a job to the platform.

View ProposalsView the proposals submitted by various Contractors.  These also come through via email notifications.

Accept Contract View and accept an individual proposal.  This will form a contract between the Contractor and customer.

Freelancer PaymentsOnce the contract is accepted, each milestone is paid by card payment.

Funds sit online until the customer signs off on the milestone, when the funds are released to the Contractor’s bank account.

Manage ContractManage the Contractor’s work: 1) Pay the milestone, 2) Review the Contractor’s work, 3) Sign off on the milestone

Review FreelancerLeave a review for the Contractor’s work, and they’ll leave one for you.

Available features.

We’re adding a new feature every week, and can build whatever you need.

Search Contractors

Filter available Contractors to find the right match.

Request For Quote (RFQ)

Post a job and receive quotes from Contractors.


Allow customers and Contractors to message one another.

Milestone Payments

Customers pay & funds are held until approved.

Repeating Milestones

Customers can hire Contractors on weekly or monthly contracts.

Fully Flexible Contracts

Contracts can include an unlimited number of individual and repeating milestones.

Contractor Profiles

Customise the Contractor profile page to suit your industry’s requirements.

Vet Contractors

Approve Contractors manually, or set requirements to automate onboarding.

Activate Contractors

Decide which profile fields Contractors must complete before they are visible on the marketplace.

Admin Dashboard

View and manage all the settings, content, users, jobs, invoices, payments and other marketplace data.

Agency System

Allow agencies (or your own company) to onboard contractors underneath them.

Global Payments

Fully automated payments to Contractors in these 50 countries.  Manual payments available globally.

Matching Algorithm

Build your perfect weighted combination to match Customers with Contractors.

Marketing WebSite

Use your own website, or our pre-built and hosted WordPress template.

Shortlist & Favourites

Customers can shortlist and favourite freelancers to decide which to move forward with.

Bespoke Development

We can fully customise your marketplace with any design or features you require.


Get in touch to discuss your requirements and explore whether we’re a good fit.