Launch your own platform

for perm, contract and freelance roles

Future Proof your Business

Avoid losing market share to competition with better tech.

Add Revenue Channels

Create multi-channel revenues from subscriptions, commissions and other fees.

Your own Brand

Promote candidates under your own branded platform, instead of forwarding Resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

Launch in 1 Day

Launch today for just $900 per month. Cancel any time.


Case Study: Twenty

“We launched a dedicated recruitment platform in a week for our biggest client.  It automates all placement matching, and has increased our results significantly.  Happy to recommend.”

Adrian, CEO at Twenty.AI

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Boost your Business

Watch your candidate pool grow, and see your placements jump.


More Candidates

Help candidates register in 1 minute, and apply in 1 click.

More Engagement

Engage more candidates by sending relevant jobs to your whole database instantly.

More Growth

Unlimited clients can find, shortlist and select candidates without your help.


More Countries

Go global – clients can find, hire and pay candidates in 50+ countries through our payments system.

Key Benefits


Fed up with old systems?

>  Manually reading 100s of CVs to find relevant candidates?

>  Contacting each candidate to check their availability?

>  Manually introducing candidates to the client?

>  Checking up with each client to get updates on their progress?


Bring your talent online!

>  View every candidate online, and filter by any data point.

>  Instantly notify all relevant candidates about new openings.

>  Automatically notify clients of interested candidates.

>  Review real-time status of client’s hiring progress.


Not building your own brand?

>  Sending candidate resumes & LinkedIn profiles to clients?

>  Referring clients to other databases?

>  Large clients asking for their own talent pool?


Own your Talent Pool!

>  Display the candidate’s profile on your branded website.

>  Allow clients to view and search your own talent database.

>  Create individual talent pools for multiple clients.


Wasting time on admin?

>  Handling every step in the hiring journey manually?

>  Wasting time chasing unavailable / uninterested candidates?

>  Reviewing 100s of candidate resumes to find who’s suitable?

>  Struggling to find candidates for specific client requirements?


Let tech speed it up!

>  Automate flows – onboarding, searching, placing, contracts.

>  Auto-notify candidates to confirm availability and interest.

>  Create custom filters to narrow the candidate pool.

>  Use custom algorithms to identify the best candidates fast.


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