Repeating Milestones

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This guide explains repeating milestones and how they are different from individual milestones.

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The platform by default has two milestone options, which are used for customers to pay freelancers. Individual milestones are task-based milestones while repeating milestones are based on an hourly rate and weekly or monthly cycles.

Depending on your marketplace settings either the freelancer or the customer will create the milestones. If they select repeating milestones then they also need to include an hourly rate and the maximum number of hours per cycle. Before the end of each cycle the freelancer must submit the hours they worked during that cycle, but they cannot submit a value larger than what was agreed upon in the beginning of the cycle.

The deadline for a freelancer to submit their hours is the Sunday night before the end of that cycle, whether its weekly or monthly. The Friday prior to this the freelancer will receive an email reminder to submit their hours.

The customer has the option to pause or end a repeating milestone at any time. If a customer is dissatisfied with the work a freelancer has done they also have the option to dispute the claim within the first week of the cycle’s end. There is a documentation item on how to dispute a claim, with a video guide.

It is possible to disable the repeating milestones feature in “Platform Settings” menu item, with a guide for further information available here.

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