Remove freelancer email verification requirement

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This guide explains a new feature that removes the platform’s requirement for the talent that enrolls on your contractor management platform to verify their email prior to being approved.

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On the admin Dashboard under the ‘Settings’ menu item is a feature titled ‘Do not require freelancers to verify email before they are activated?‘.

The admins can select which profile items the freelancers must complete before their profile is activated. Previously, in addition to the items the admin selected, it was a system requirement for the email to be verified for a freelancer to apply for a job.

When this feature is enabled the system requirement is removed, allowing the users that have not verified their emails to gain full access and apply for jobs. Note that the other activation conditions the admin has set must also be met.

This feature creates a faster onboarding process with less friction. However in the case that an erroneous email was used, the user would have full access to the platform, potentially without the admins having a method to contact the user, who could have a malicious intent.

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