Operate your Marketplace as an Agency

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This guide describes a feature that we have added to our white label marketplace platform that allows a marketplace owner to operate their platform using an agency model. Using this model the marketplace owner charges a premium on the freelancers’ wage, which they then receive.

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Depending on the marketplace model you are using, you may choose to charge a subscription fee or take a commission from your users. This guide explains an alternative method to generating revenue, which is to operate as an agency. When this feature is enabled customers will see a different (higher) hourly rate and milestone value from what a freelancer submits. An algorithm generates the automatic mark-up or mark-down depending on your needs, which we, at TalentPools, can alter for you as needed.

The freelancer charges the marketplace for the work they do, and the marketplace subsequently charges the customer a higher rate for the work that the freelancer has done. This system is completely automated, with two invoices generated for each transaction- one is from the freelancer to the marketplace, and the second is from the marketplace to the customer.

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