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This guide explains how to add/remove the ability for freelancers to manually upload their own reviews from jobs outside the talent platform.

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In your admin dashboard under the ‘Settings’ menu item is the option to ‘Hide button on freelancer profiles that enables them to upload their own reviews?’

It is useful to allow freelancers to upload reviews from past work experience for customers to know how that freelancer was rated by past employers. Additionally, for the time period shortly after a marketplace launches, freelancers will have few, if any, in-marketplace-reviews, as they may not have completed any jobs, so allowing freelancers to seed their profile with useful reviews will increase likelihood of transacting on-site. Once the marketplace is mature and your talent pool has accumulated several in-house reviews, it may be unnecessary for them to have the option to upload their own reviews, which is done by enabling this feature.

To add a review, the freelancer can scroll down on their profile page and click the ‘+’ button on the ‘Reviews’ block. Here they can insert the data relevant to their past work experience.

Once the freelancer clicks ‘Verify’ they are prompted to upload a document that proves this review. It could be a screenshot of an email from their past employer, a letter sent or a review from another platform, such as LinkedIn.

This review item will appear to the freelancer immediately. However it will not appear to a customer until it has been approved by an admin. The admin can approve the review by going to the ‘Reviews’ menu item of their admin dashboard and either scrolling or searching for that user and selecting ‘Approve’. The admin should only do this if they deem the evidence (uploaded image) is valid and substantial enough to prove that the review is real.

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