Dynamic Commissions: Earnings by Customer

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This guide explains how talent platforms powered by TalentPools can charge a variable commission to their freelancers, based on the income they have generated from a client.

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Within the ‘Settings’ of the admin dashboard is the option to “Allow freelancers to reduce your commission based on their activites? (Optional)”, and the sub option to enable ‘Earnings by Customer’.

Within the option to reduce the freelancer’s commission based on their ‘Earnings by Customer’, the admin can create ranges for the income tiers and the respective commission discount.

In this example, the default platform commission has been set at 20% (from the ‘Payment Gateway’ Section of the admin dashboard). The workers will be charged 20% for any work completed until they have generated $1000 from a specific client. From that point onwards any work completed for the same client, and until they reach the set threshold value of $5000, will be charged a 16% commission.

Note that the ‘Range Commission’ field is the value discount from the standard commission rate, so for the second tier, the workers will be charged a commission of 20 – 6 = 14%. Similarly for the third tier they will be charged a 20 – 8 = 12% commission.

Any work which this worker completes for a new customer will be charged with the base rate (20% in this example) until they reach the first tier again.

For information on other dynamic commission options, please review this guide.

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